York U & Successful Immigration Program

York University has been providing lots of different programs to help Immigrants succeed with courses in their nursing program. There are other programs and information sessions that help immigrants succeed such as their resource center to help provide newcomers an education to strive for a professional career.

They also offer help and guidance when immigrating from another country and giving advice, resources to make the transition much smoother. Consultation is free and confidential and available at any time from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. There are also documents, handbooks, and procedures to help make migration much easier including what type of documents that are important (passports, driver’s license, permanent residency) and what you should do over the course of your stay in Canada.

For many pupils, the internship and education programs of York provide great opportunities to supplement their own in-class education. Oftentimes, these work placements are paid positions and therefore may help offset the cost of post-secondary education.

If you are considering adding an Internship or Co-operative Education your resume, York has many choices based upon your area of research, skills or interest.

So as to participate in a co-op or internship placement, you will need a Co-op Work Permit. Eligibilities for Co-op work permit include:

  • You need a valid study permit.
  • Your employment must be a part of your academic program, accredited by a letter from a responsible academic official of your institution.
  • Your planned employment must be a crucial part of your program of research in Canada.
  • Your co-op or internship job cannot form more than 50% (percent) of the entire program of research.

Most important documents to have:

Passport: The official document that you have from your country of residence that allows you to travel from one country to another. Make sure that the passport is valid and available t

SIN or social insurance number is important to have if you plan on working. In order to acquire a SIN, you will have to apply for it from a Service Canada Location with a full enrollment letter from York University.

Immigration Diplomas & Studies

If you’re looking for a career in the study of immigration, refugee migration. There are courses available to further your knowledge and explore options in that field. The diploma provides skills and knowledge to tackle Canadians and international communities that deal with immigration problems coupled with humanitarian policies. For more information look here.

These academic courses and studies guide you through the difficulties of other immigrants and cultures trying to mesh and blend in with Canada and other countries that may not be as inclusive. Looking at the nuances and factors that help build a successful community that integrates foreigners and native individuals to help all people to be successful in their new found environment.