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APT-Association of Professionals in Thorncliffe

APT (Association of Professionals in Thorncliffe) is a networking group of internationally educated professionals in the Thorncliffe (and Flemingdon) area. It is a forum where professionals can meet and share experiences. We have professionals from South Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia. The APT-advisory committee members provide leadership for the group. Year Established: 2012Incorporated: noMembership Members of my ….  Read More

HispanoTech is a not-for profit Canadian corporation with the mission to promote the success of Hispanics in Canada’s technology sector. Led by a volunteer-based board of directors, we have a vision to be the voice of Hispanics in Canada’s technology sector. Year Established: 2008Incorporated: yesMembershipMembers of my organization live in: Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Total number of members ….  Read More

Philippine International Doctors United

PIDrU is a support group for immigrant Filipino doctors.  Members include Filipino physicians in Canada who are currently in residency training and those who are practicing, licensed doctors. The group provides assistance in exam preparation for medical licensure and assistance in seeking employment in the healthcare field.  These goals are achieved through workshops on job ….  Read More

York U & Successful Immigration Program

York University has been providing lots of different programs to help Immigrants succeed with courses in their nursing program. There are other programs and information sessions that help immigrants succeed such as their resource center to help provide newcomers an education to strive for a professional career. They also offer help and guidance when immigrating ….  Read More