What We Do

PINs is both an online community and a program of strategic initiatives that strengthens networks, links them together in a learning community, and builds effective connections between networks and partners – employers, professional associations, service providers, government and others.

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Building Capacity

Build capacity

Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills among networks on:

  • Developing their organizations
  • Assisting their members achieve their employment goals

Activities include:

  • Hosting learning exchange forums
  • Growing PINs website
  • Piloting programs


Making Connections

Make connections

Raise awareness of PINs with immigrants and stakeholders

Facilitate connections between networks, employers and other stakeholders through:

  • Referrals
  • Pilot events that assist members in achieving their employment goals


Developing Leaders

Develop and empower leaders

Assist in the development of network leaders through:

  • Referrals to leadership programs
  • Workshops tailored for network leaders

Strengthen the voice of network leaders by:

  • Encouraging stakeholders (e.g. government) to seek input from leaders on programs and policies impacting immigrant employment
  • Sharing their stories


For more information on individual events since 2009, please visit our PINs Past Events page.