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Success stories should highlight one or more of the following:

Best practice

A program, activity or partnership developed by a network that strengthens their organization or enables them to connect their members to employment.

Impact of PINs

Shows how a particular network has benefitted from being part of PINs

Network leader story

A story that highlights the challenges and successes of a network leader as they established themselves in Canada, how they founded their network or how their network has helped other immigrants

Examples of success stories

Use the prompts below to help you submit your idea for a story. Bullet points are fine. Someone from TRIEC will follow up with you to talk about your story and find the best way to profile your successes.

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E.g. Network built a partnership with a hiring firm and members have a better chance of finding employment in their field.

e.g. names of network and hiring firm

e.g. Network leaders met with executives from the firm and invited them to meet their members at an event. The network presented itself as having a strong talent pool. The hiring firm understands and values the quality of potential candidates and approaches the network when looking to fill positions.

e.g. This partnership has:
- helped members of the network find employment
- helped provide resume writing tips to members

e.g. TRIEC facilitated the introduction of the network to the hiring firm.

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Featured Success Story

About four years ago I migrated to Canada from Dubai, UAE, bringing with me over 15 years of experience and the dream of starting an exciting, new chapter...

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