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Partnership between Filipino Accountants & Recruiting Firm shows Net Gains for Both

Connecting with employers is a critical step for new immigrants looking for employment; it is also one of the most difficult. For the Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants (AFCA), a strong partnership with a recruiting firm has translated into new and meaningful connections with employers.

In 2009 TRIEC introduced AFCA to Robert Half Finance and Accounting, a staffing firm that specializes in the placement of accountants. Previously, Robert Half had been able to place a small number of Filipino trained accountants quickly and to their client’s satisfaction. They wanted to build on this success by expanding their pool of Filipino trained accountants.

For Robert Half, a relationship with AFCA has translated into access to a large network of skilled professionals, whom they can match with the relevant employer. AFCA benefits from introducing members to a wider range of employers, as well as the complimentary resume building skills and job seeking advice provided by Robert Half’s recruitment professionals.

Nestor Perez, a spokesperson for AFCA credits TRIEC for helping to create the connection with Robert Half: “TRIEC was integral in helping this relationship get started. They referred Robert Half to us and helped foster the relationship early on by creating a go-between that both organizations trusted.”

The two organizations’ members often connect at learning exchanges and other events held by AFCA. Recruiters from Robert Half will come to these events to meet AFCA members and will sometimes share job search tips.  “This interaction helps to build a more personal and trusting relationship,” explains Nestor. “Our members are able express what they are looking for to the recruiters and the recruiters can put faces to the names on resumes.”

The partnership has continued over the past three years specifically because both sides are committed to meeting regularly. “Maintaining the relationship is the most important factor,” says Nestor. “That’s how it stays productive for both sides.”

Over the two years, AFCA has seen a great number of its members gain Canadian work experience and increase the size of their professional networks through their connection to Robert Half.  In turn, Robert Half has connected more clients with internationally trained accounting professionals, a win-win-win for all involved.

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