PINs hosts 2016 Annual Networking Event at Scotiabank

On May 2, 2016, TRIEC hosted the Professional Immigrant Network (PINs) Annual Networking Event at Scotiabank. Over 100 participants attended from 59 organizations including PINs associations, PINs partners and other stakeholders.

Attendees heard about highlights of the PINs program and had opportunities to network and discuss ideas for collaboration.

In the past year, some of the highlights of the PINs community include:

  • Undertaking joint outreach efforts with associations like the New Canadian Media Professionals’ (NCMP) Network where we shared a booth at outreach events and the Immigrant Talk project
  • Helping PINs members connect to meaningful employment by connecting them to TRIEC and partner programs and hosting networking and recruiting events with organizations like PINs Partner, Modis Canada
  • Continuing the Drs2Drs group, a collaboration of three PINs associations and PINs Partner Community Matters Toronto, to help internationally-trained healthcare professionals gain alternative employment leveraging their skills and expertise
  • Hosting a networking event for immigrant entrepreneurs, in collaboration with PINs associations and partners, to provide resources and supports
  • Increasing visibility for PINs leaders and their associations by providing leadership development and speaking opportunities at events
  • Involving PINs leaders in consultations with the Office of the Fairness Commissioner on access to regulated professions

The event also featured a facilitated networking session, hosted by Robin Cory from Colbeck Strategic Advisors. The session featured three rounds of networking:

  • Round 1:”Give and Take” activity where participants would speak to one another about what their organization “had to offer” and what they were “in need of.”
  • Round 2: Group discussion on attributes of collaboration. Participants discussed the attributes of successful and unsuccessful collaborations and what they learned.
  • Round 3: Collaboration ideas pitched by 15 participants at the event, looking to make connections with, and get support from, other attendees. Some of the topics discussed included networking events, mentoring programs, job search tools, entrepreneur supports and volunteer opportunities. You can view the full list of ideas here. Please contact the respective person if you’re interested in learning more about an idea.

In summary, here’s how you can collaborate with the PINs community to help skilled immigrants connect to meaningful employment:

  • Help spread the word about PINs by referring our program to skilled immigrants in your network
  • Keep us abreast on trends that impact immigrant employment and opportunities to work together
  • PINs leaders: encourage your members to participate in employment programs and networking events to help them achieve their career goals; participate in leadership development opportunities provided by TRIEC and our partners.
  • PINs partners: connect us to opportunities to promote PINs; raise awareness of your programs and services and share information, expertise and resources with the PINs associations; connect our PINs leaders to opportunities to participate in consultations or be spokespersons.


PowerPoint Presentation (via Slideshare)

Photos (via Flickr)