My Canadian Journey

August 28, 2014

Canada was at one time a dream, a dream from your bed lying thousands of miles away. But today, a very real reality, a reality that is so real that it hurts.
The hurt can be seen in the eyes of many thousands of new Canadians coming from literally every other country across the world.

To the land of new discoveries, a land of new beginnings and a land where only you can make your dream come true. I too, came with a golden vision, a vision of a land bountiful with resources, promise and plenty for future generations.

But reality hit, you land in Canada as a relative nobody, a statistic quoted in books and just another new Canadian immigrant.

But in two-and-half years, I was awarded the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award, in recognition of giving back and working to make Canada a better place for each one of us.

Magic formula? Doesn’t exist!

Each of us brings our special skill sets built over years of education, experience and traveling the world before we came to Canada.

These skill sets can help you in Canada, much as it helped me.

Volunteering and netgiving are two such areas where our skill sets can be applied to best effect.

I volunteered my time and skills to organizations such as the Indo Canada Chambers of Commerce, Board member and Chair of the marketing committee at MCIS Language Services, Advisory Board at York University, IEP program, Co-Chair at the American Marketing Association, Toronto Chapter, Marketing skills panel member at United Way Toronto and Advisory at TRIEC, Maytree and the CAMP network. It is all about giving your time and supporting each one with thoughts and ideas.

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