Medical Laboratory Technologist's Path to Canadian Career Success

May 30, 2014

An optimistic Ike Agbassi arrived in Canada in June 2003, an experienced medical laboratory technologist (MLT) ready to launch the next chapter in his career. He ultimately achieved that success however the path was winding and took longer than he expected. There are important lessons from Ike’s journey that can help other internationally educated medical laboratory technologists (IEMLT) to avoid unnecessary challenges.
Ike had more than 12 years’ experience as a MLT and prior to leaving his home city of Aba, Nigeria, he owned two labs. The medical laboratory business’ in Aba is dominated by private business’ where as in Canada most work for MLTs are within institutions. He thought the transition to working as an MLT in Canada would be straight forward but that turned out not to be the case. There was no information available to him while he was still in Nigeria which explained all that is required to work as an MLT in Canada. Other challenges he faced was the realization that his education documents were not as detailed as what is required in Canada and now having to coordinate the necessary documentation directly from Nigeria.  It took a full year to coordinate and receive all these required documents which Ike referred to this as a “wasted year”.

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Reference: World Education Services (WES)

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