Job in your field, but still no promotion...are you presenting yourself as a leader?

May 6, 2014

When Nicolae Stanca first came to Canada in 2007, he had 12 years of experience as a professional accountant in his native Moldova. Much of his career had been in a managerial role, having worked hard to move up in his career into a leadership position. But, like many immigrants, he quickly realized that his credentials would not be accepted now that he was in Canada.

Another realization? He would have to start at the bottom — the very bottom; he ended up working various survival jobs to pay the bills.

It took me a while to learn how the system worked here,” says Stanca, who started by getting his accounting credentials recognized. Then, after getting involved in a mentoring program, he eventually landed an entry-level job in accounting. He was now employed in the field that he wanted to be working in, but it wasn’t enough; he wanted to rise in his profession to attain a position similar to what he had in Moldova.

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Reference: Canada Immigrant

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