How to be Found on LinkedIn

February 25, 2014

Whether you’re mastering social selling, making yourself easier for future employers and clients to find, or recruiting top talent, it pays to be a LinkedIn power user. But do you know how to be found on LinkedIn? The trick is in understanding how LinkedIn works and how you can take full advantage of the search algorithm. Searching LinkedIn is not much different than searching Google—SEO matters! It matters so much that it bleeds outside of LinkedIn and into Google. BrandYourself released findings that show LinkedIn is the social network most often appearing at the top of Google search results.

A LinkedIn profile has an ever growing number of different sections, but LinkedIn’s Search algorithm weights some of these heavier than others. Keywords in your Name, Headline, Company Name, Job Title and Skills rank higher in the search results. In no particular order, let’s look at some of the criteria that LinkedIn uses when determining its search results.

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Reference: Hootesuite