Webinar: Why an Anti-Rumour Strategy?

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Date: November 16, 2015

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Location: Webinar

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General public

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General public

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Cities of Migration

Myths, misunderstanding and false information contribute to a toxic narrative that can distort local realities, feed bias and hurt the most vulnerable. To fight discrimination and counter the high cost of exclusion, the City of Barcelona developed the BCN “Anti Rumour” campaign, an innovative, multi-pronged strategy that promotes the value of “convivencia” (living together in diversity and intercultural coexistence). Today this highly successful program has been replicated in over 15 cities across Europe, with strategies ranging from street theatre and pop-up workshops to media campaigns and workplace awareness.

Join us on November 16, to learn about the Barcelona Anti Rumour strategy, its travels across Europe and replication in the cities of Erlangen and Getxo. What are the essential ingredients of a winning campaign? How do we get the replication ball rolling? 

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November 15, 2015


No cost to participate. You will need a computer with internet access and speakers. Pre-test System Requirements. Adobe Connect requires the Flash Player plugin, download version 11.9 or above to run.

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or full information, visit the website: http://citiesofmigration.ca/integration-learning-exchange/