Trailblazer Series: Fundraising for Grassroots Organizations

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Date: March 3, 2015

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Network leaders

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General public

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Trailblazer Series: Fundraising for Grassroots Organizations

Volunteer Toronto's Trailblazer Series is a set of leadership talks for people who manage volunteer-run non-profit organizations and groups in Toronto. The talks provide an opportunity for local leaders to hear from peers and experts on how to overcome common challenges faced by organizations with no paid staff and limited resources.

Fundraising for Grassroots Organizations
Funding is always a hot topic for non-profit organizations. But groups that have no paid members of staff and may or may not be registered as a non-profit or a charity, often face massive barriers when it comes to raising the necessary funds to further their cause. So what options are there for raising money and what does one need to do to be successful?

Hear invaluable tips from Janice Moro, a seasoned fundraising professional, as she shares what possibilities exist for organizations regardless of size or incorporation status. You'll also have the opportunity to hear about a fundraising source for organizations with a green focus and have the chance to network with other non-profits as you share your experiences.

The leadership talks are free of charge and advance registration is required so book now to secure your space!

Registration Deadline:

March 2, 2015


Please arrive between 6pm and 6.30pm for registration and light refreshments. The leadership talk will start promptly at 6.30pm and will end at 8.30pm.

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Camara Chambers Phone: 416 961 6888 ext 224