PINs Leaders Roundtable: Building on our Strengths

Event Details:

Date: March 7, 2015

Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Who should attend:

Network leaders

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In the last four years – we’ve grown our network, fostered collaboration and supported the development of PINs leaders. We have celebrated how our collaboration has benefited leaders, associations and your members. 

Join PINs leaders and TRIEC on Saturday, March 7, 2015 as we look at how to build on the strengths of the PINs community to achieve even greater impact for your members. Throughout the day, we will focus on different strengths:

  • Our network – In the morning we will have an interactive network mapping workshop facilitated by Health Nexus. Network mapping is a powerful tool where groups working to improve their community can assess strengths, gaps and identify key opportunities for engagement and development. 
  • Your members – We will share highlights of the PINs membership survey to help with our planning.
  • TRIEC programs – Learn more about how they help immigrants attain meaningful employment, how your members can participate and how your association can partner.
  • Highlighting your associations – We will be filming short video clips of PINs leaders talking about their associations. Here’s a similar video we filmed in 2010. We will launch the new video at our PINs annual networking event in May 2015 and use it to promote your associations to immigrants, employers and service providers.



Saturday March 7, 2015

9:00 am - 3:30pm



Metro Hall

55 John Street

Directions and parking information available


Who should attend:

PINs leaders from any PIN association are welcome.

We encourage that 2 representatives from each association attend. Additional representatives may be placed on a waiting list until space opens up.

Breakout Sessions:

We will be hosting breakout sessions in the afternoon. Participants will be allowed to participate in 2 sessions (50 mins each) but we encourage leaders to bring multiple representatives from their association. This is where leaders can find out more about the additional TRIEC programs that you can help your members.

 a) The Mentoring Partnership (TMP):  How can PINs members can take advantage of TMP’s growth? What is the eligibility criteria and process for PINs members to participate in TMP?

 b) TRIEC Campus: Available tools and resources that leaders and their members can access through the Campus (i.e. networking module) and what are immediate needs that PINs leaders and members identify as helpful tools that can be created as campus resources?

 c) Connector programPINs leaders will learn about TRIEC Connector Program and explore how PINs members can engage in its pilot phase and beyond. The session will include a discussion about how we can maximize the role of PINs Associations and how your members can benefit from the program. 

 d) Employer engagementEmployer engagement helps employers manage culturally diverse workplaces more effectively.Our staff are developing new strategies and seek the input, knowledge, experience and engagement of PINs leaders, who represent an important source of immigrant talent and sector knowledge. 

During registration, you will be asked to rank these sessions in order of interest. We will try our best to accommodate your request depending on space available. Please register early to reserve your space. 

The venue for this event is being provided by the Toronto Employment and Social Services (TESS).

Registration Deadline:

March 5, 2015

Contact details for the event:

Please contact Rohit Singh at, if you have any questions.