JULY 2016 Power-Packed CAMP Networking Event

Event Details:

Date: July 28, 2016

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Location: North York Civic Centre

Who should attend:

Network leaders, Partners, General public

Who might be interested in this event?

Ethnicities: Multi-Ethnic, North, West and Central Asian, Oceanic, Pan-Asian, South Asian, Other

General public

Organized by:

Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals
CAMP Networking Canada

Two Powerful Networking Events. One BIG Occasion.
Thursday July 28, 6.15 to 8.00 PM
Connect. Build. Grow. FREE to Attend.

Guest Speaker 1: Patrick Bizindavyi

Tap Into The Power Within: Be a Winner

Understand Your Journey
There is power in following our passions
Our struggles have a purpose
Victory or defeat: your choice
What do you see?: Context is everything
How can we create a new story for our lives?
To leave a legacy: Our ultimate job

Patrick is an inspirational speaker who came to Canada from his native Burundi with $60.00 in his pocket and a dream.

He was a successful radio host and basketball coach in Burundi.
But, upon his arrival to Canada, he found himself a refugee living at homeless shelters and eating at soup kitchens.

In less than six months in Canada, Patrick’s strong conviction took him to being host and project manager at Radio 105.4 CHOQ FM in Toronto.

Meet Patrick to hear his story of unwavering conviction self-belief and incredible determination to achieve ones dreams.

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Guest Speaker 2: 

Kerry Molitor

Useful Money Saving Tips for Newcomers
- Discover how to save money on everyday purchases and luxuries
- Learn how to buy discounted eye glasses and prescription drugs
- Get to know the best online shopping sites for people on a budget
- Earn extra income through referral programs

Kerry Molitor is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant based in Toronto. Her company, Kelen Immigration Services, helps people come to Canada temporarily and remain in Canada permanently.

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Registration Deadline:

July 28, 2016

Contact details for the event:

Murali Murthy, Chairperson, CAMP Networking Canada Tel: 416 937 1235. Email: mycampnetworking@gmail.com