Job Fair - Humber Community Employment Services

Event Details:

Date: December 12, 2015

Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location: Humber Community Employment Services - 1620 Albion Road (Albion & Martingrove)

Who should attend:

Network leaders, Partners, General public

Organized by:

Humber College Community Employment Services is hosting a Job Fair which is free for all job-seekers on Saturday, December 12! Pusateris Fine Foods, is hiring for various positions including:
- Cashier
- Customer Service
- Pre-Pack
- Driver
- Receiver
- Line/Prep Cook
- Pastry Expert
- Grocery/Product Expert
- Meat Expert
- Deli Expert.
Successful candidates are eligible for FREE Service Excellence Training and Food Handler Certificate Training!


To Register:

Call: 416-748-7200



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Registration Deadline:

December 12, 2015

Contact details for the event:

Call: 416-748-7200 Email: OR Click here to register: