Grassroots Growth - Training for Volunteer Leaders

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Date: June 4, 2016

Time: 10:30 am - 5:30 pm

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Network leaders

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Professions: Multi-profession

Ethnicities: Multi-Ethnic

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The event is for the volunteer leaders who have missed the individual workshops of the Grassroots Growth project. This is a 2-day intensive workshop that will cover the following areas:

Grassroots Governance: Building a Structure That Fits
This workshop will cover writing effective mission and vision statements, how to develop a strategic plan, and different ways to organize and lead your grassroots group. We’ll also talk about how you can build legitimacy, looking at the pros and cons of traditional routes like incorporation and registering as a charity as well as considering other options to increase credibility.

Managing the Core
This workshop will look at strategies for managing conflict and avoiding burnout. It will also discuss ways that core volunteers can work productively together, including tips for holding meetings that stay on topic, setting boundaries, and how to proactively plan for that moment when a core volunteer decides move on from the group.

Expansion and Growth
This workshop will consider basic strategies for using social media effectively, and will cover how to assess your volunteer needs and find the right volunteers for your group.

The Logistics of Managing More People
This workshop adapts traditional volunteer management strategies for grassroots groups, and will cover how to get productive feedback from your volunteers, ways to encourage more involved volunteer participation, and suggestions for recognizing and thanking your volunteers. We’ll also consider some of the ways you can stay organized when managing a group of volunteers without a dedicated volunteer coordinator, including a look at some of the tools and technology available, ways to inspire volunteer retention, and what to do when a volunteer isn’t working out in their role.

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June 3, 2016

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