Belair Direct - Career Information Session

Event Details:

Date: September 23, 2015

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Downtown Toronto

Who should attend:

General public

Who might be interested in this event?

Professions: Multi-profession

Ethnicities: Multi-Ethnic

Organized by:

Belair Direct

Belair Direct is hosting a half-day career information session next week for immigrants in the local workforce who are seeking new career pathways. This could include immigrants who have not yet connected to their occupation of choice and, as a result, are now considering where else their skills could be put to use. This is a half-day, small-group session with networking and job shadowing built into the agenda. 

Only 20 participants are accepted. See the attached flyer for details and registration information. 

Registration deadline: Friday, September 18, 2015.

Registration Deadline:

September 18, 2015

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