Network Leaders


What is a professional immigrant network?

Professional immigrant networks are organized, volunteer-run member-based associations or networks created by and for immigrant professionals that seek to:

  • create a forum to contribute to and enrich their respective communities;
  • provide opportunities for their members to find meaningful employment and achieve their professional goals

Activities of networks include networking events, mentoring, information sessions, professional development opportunities such as workshops, speaker events and training and connections to employment opportunities


Who is a network leader?

A network leader is a member of a network, usually part of the board or executive team, who is directly involved in the establishment or governance of the network, strategic development, managing operations or implementation of events, programs or services.


How can my network benefit from participating in PINs?

Increase your organizational capacity to assist your members in integrating into the labour market in the right jobs

  • Be a part of a community of leaders to share learning and leverage skills
  • Participate in learning exchange forums
  • Access information and resources

Connect and collaborate with other networks and stakeholders such as employers, government, service providers and associations

  • Raise awareness of your organization to multiple audiences, including potential members
  • Get connected to stakeholders
  • Participate in pilot initiatives to help connect your members to employment

Develop your leadership skills

  • Participate in leadership development opportunities
  • Play your part in strengthening the voice of immigrant professional leaders


Can my network be a part of PINs?

In order to participate in PINs, your network must:

  • Be a volunteer-run member-based association or network
  • Have established leadership with articulated mission and objectives
  • Be immigrant-led
    • Immigrant professionals comprise majority of leadership on the board and executive. (i.e. run by immigrants, for immigrants)
  • Have an employment focus
    • A primary objective of the association or network is to help immigrants achieve their professional goals

If your network does not meet the above criteria, you may qualify as a partner.


Roles and responsibilities of PINs leaders

To be an active member of PINs:
Your organization provides its members with opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and networks to connect to meaningful employment

  • Your leaders:
    • Participate in PINs events, programs and activities
    • Participate in the online community on the PINs website
    • Share resources, expertise and skills with other networks and partners as appropriate



As an active member of PINs, you will have the opportunity to display the PINs logo on your network’s website that will link to the PINs website. A badge will also be displayed on your networks page on the PINs website indicating you are an active member of the PINs community.


How to join

Please click on the following link to fill out an application form.