PINs Associations

Professional Immigrant (PINs) Associations 

PINs associations are volunteer-led, member-based organizations with an employment focus run by and for skilled immigrants. Associations have established leadership and articulated mission and objectives.

Association activities include networking events, mentoring programs, information sessions, professional development opportunities such as workshops, speaker events and training, and connections to employment opportunities. 

Who are PINs association leaders?

PINs association leaders are members of a PINs association, usually part of the board or executive team, who are directly involved in the establishment or governance of the association, strategic development, managing operations or implementation of events, programs or services.


Are you an immigrant to Toronto? Are you involved in running an immigrant-led professional association?

By joining the PINs program, you can:

• Build your association’s profile among immigrants, employers and key stakeholders

• Access resources to help run your association and support your members

• Participate in pilot programs that help your members become job-ready and connect with employers

• Be a part of a growing community of association leaders and partners to develop your leadership skills, share learnings and benefit from the expertise of others

• Represent your association and serve as an expert on immigrant employment at policy consultations and in the media

There is no cost to join the PINs program.


In order to participate in the PINs program, your association must:

  • Operate in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Be a volunteer-run, member-based association
  • Have established leadership with articulated mission and objectives
  • Be immigrant-led  - Immigrant professionals comprise majority of leadership on the board and executive. (i.e. run by immigrants, for immigrants)
  • Have an employment focus - A primary objective of the association or network is to help immigrants achieve their professional goals


How to join

Fill out your application to join the PINs program!

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