Immigrant Professionals

Have you immigrated to Canada? Are you looking to build your network and get support with your job search?


By joining a PINs association, you can:

  • Develop professional relationships and networks in your field 
  • Participate in events, programs and activities to help you become job-ready such as mentoring programs and professional development sessions
  • Get advice and support on the licensing process for regulated professions
  • Access information on labour market trends, employment opportunities and programs
  • Gain experience by volunteering

Search our directory of professional immigrant associations and join one today.

Have a look at our events calendar to find events organized by PINs associations and partners that can help you build your career. 

Note: Some associations have events that are open to non-members. We encourage you to contact the associations to learn more. 

For more information about other resources available to immigrant professionals here 

PINs Leaders Advice for Newcomers