Employers are key stakeholders in the PINs program. PINs welcomes employers who are interested in recruiting talent or building relationships with professional immigrant associations. 

Benefits of joining the PINs program include:

Tap into professional immigrant associations representing a range of professions and ethno-cultural groups to connect to immigrant talent or leverage global experience

Provide volunteer opportunities for your employees that develop their cross-cultural understanding

Raise awareness of your organization as an employer of choice among new, established and prospective immigrants

Build communications pipelines to communities relevant to your business

There is no cost to join PINs.


In order to participate in the PINs program, your organization must: 

  • Operate in the Greater Toronto Area;
  • Be interested in collaborating with PINs associations and be open to partnership opportunities; 
  • Provide information, programs and services or connections to employment or career advancement opportunities that help immigrants  achieve their employment goals; or
  • Build the capacity and profile of PINs associations and their leaders


How to join

Fill out your application to join the PINs prgram

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