I Can Sow…in India, Canada or anywhere else

Abhijit Medhi, his wife and son arrived in Toronto in October 2012. Both social workers from India, Medhi and his wife saw a great opportunity to start a new life and get global experience in Canada. “We came for better career opportunities and a better lifestyle,” explains Medhi.

While in India going through the immigration process, Medhi participated in the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP) through which he developed an action plan to tackle his job search in Canada.

Aware that it might take some time and effort to find a job in their professional field of social work, Medhi and his wife came up with a plan. Medhi would focus on his job search as a social worker, and his wife would try to land any job to sustain their family. Medhi’s wife managed to land a full-time position within 20 days of their new life in Toronto, and now works as a legal assistant for a law firm Leo J. Dillon Professional Corporation.

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Reference: Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)