Glossary of PINs terms

Glossary of terms 

PINs program:
PINs is a TRIEC program that increases the capacity of professional immigrant associations to connect their members to employment. We provide a platform for association leaders to share learnings, leverage skills, access resources and tools, build their profile and collaborate with employers, service providers and others stakeholders.

PINs association:

PINs associations are volunteer-led, member-based organizations with an employment focus, run by and for skilled immigrants.

PINs association leader:
PINs association leaders are members of PINs association, usually part of the board or executive team, who are directly involved in the establishment or governance of the association, strategic development, managing operations or implementation of events, programs or services.

PINs partner:
PINs partners are stakeholders who collaborate with PINs associations to help their members achieve their employment goals by providing information, programs and services and connections to employment opportunities or build the capacity and profile of the associations and their leaders.

Partners include employers, immigrant-serving agencies, professional associations, employee resource groups, post-secondary institutions, regulatory bodies, government agencies and others.