UnstoppableMe.ca was founded in April 2015. We started as a coffee shop meeting and rapidly we became a group. Now we are crafting a Community, where we are looking to create a Culture with the objective to be a Movement of Unstoppable Leaders and History Makers.

 We provide an opportunity for Canadian & Newcomers to have access to: Group Career Mentoring, Financial Literacy, Volunteering and Networking opportunities.

 We meet frequently and we use our website and social media to keep everybody informed and in contact.



Year Established: 
Total number of members served: 
50 - 100
No Membership Fees
Estimated percentage of members that have arrived within the last three years: 
71% - 80%
Key contact: 

Network Website: http://www.UnstoppableMe.ca/

Date network joined PINs:
June 3, 2015


Our Vision and our Why: To Empower Greatness in Unstoppable Leaders and History Makers. Our Mission: We will be the best run, immigrant-focused, integrated employment promotor organization with a unique and inclusive engagement accelerator program and community culture. Our Strategy: To produce short and long term results by delivering great value to our members and communities and living a culture of recognition.
Ethnocultural group servedMulti-Ethnic
Demographic of profession servedMulti-profession
Type of networkProfessional Association
Location of activitiesEtobicoke, ON
Markham, ON
Mississauga, ON
North York, ON
Richmond Hill, ON
Scarborough, ON
Toronto, ON