TNO-IDEAS (Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office – International Doctors Exams And Support Group)

TNO-IDEAS aims to help members connect with relevant careers based on their skills in Canada by either: (a) the licensing pathway or (b) non-licensing employment opportunities related to their medical background.  

Year Established: 
Members of my organization live in: 
Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
Total number of members served: 
50 - 100
No Membership Fees
Membership benefits: 
  • Help members navigate the system (i.e. medical licensing exams, clinical fellowships, research positions etc.)
  • Provide guidance and support to members unfamiliar to the licensing process and employment search in medical fields in Toronto/Ontario
  • Offer study group support to prepare members for upcoming medical exams MCCEE, MCCQE1, NAC OSCE, MCCQE2, CCFP, MMI 
  • Provide support for mock interviews, and communications training for medical interviews 


Partnership with TNO, job developers from TNO support resume writing, skills needed for job search. Also provide job postings for various opportunities related to the medical field that do not require license (i.e. survival jobs and fellowships etc.)

Key contact: 
Descriptions of partnerships: 
Association of Professionals in Thorncliffe and Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office. Also Community Matters Toronto initiative “Doctors2Doctors” foreign trained healthcare professional’s advocacy group and International Doctors Network (LEF).

Date network joined PINs:
January 12 2015


Short Term goals: Since the medical licensing pathway is time taking it is appropriate to help International Doctors find positions to help them achieve their career goals (in licensing or elsewhere) Long Term goals: to help them succeed with licensing or other relevant career. Success means doctors are in a position to contribute with their skills to a variety of industries: healthcare, pharma, insurance and government sectors. Helping these internationally trained doctors succeed is termed success for TNO-IDEAS.
Ethnocultural group servedMulti-Ethnic
Demographic of profession servedHealthcare
Type of networkProfessional Association
Location of activitiesToronto, ON