I CAN SOW - is a network of Internationally Trained Social Workers in Canada. It has been formed with the macro objective of building connections for immigrant social workers, creating employability, professional development and community support.

Gouri Mukerjea and Abhijit Medhi (Founders of I CAN SOW) realized the essence of concerting the immigrant social workers of Canada under one umbrella association, so as to address the shared concerns and objectives.This led to the formation of International Canadian Network of Social Workers (I CAN SOW) in April 15, 2013, which is officially registered with the Professional Immigrants Network, Toronto, during the same year in 2013.

I CAN SOW will assist and counsel Internationally Trained Social Workers to help overcome barriers they face as newcomers. The primary barrier faced by newcomers is a lack of local professional network and constraint to understand the labour market and secure a job relevant to their experience. The vision of I CAN SOW  is to remove this barrier.


Way Forward: 

The organisation would also act as a support system, and create avenues to promote the knowledge, skills and capabilities of immigrant social workers to integrate them into their field of expertise in social work. It would build effective connections with the employers and other organizations that value the international experience and education in addressing the issues of people in Canada. It would also work towards continuous professional development of the members even after they secure jobs.


I CAN SOW - is an effort by immigrant social workers.


Motto: 'Unite & Attain'


Year Established: 
Total number of members served: 
50 - 100
No Membership Fees
Key contact: 


To promote the skills and talent of immigrants who are internationally educated in social work and enable them to integrate as social work professionals in Canada. Specific objectives: 1) To create a talent pool of immigrant social workers, and promote their expertise in succeeding to work in the social service sector without delay 2) To seek for considerable employment opportunities for its members and support their professional ambitions
Ethnocultural group servedMulti-Ethnic
Demographic of profession servedSocial Services
Type of networkProfessional Association
Location of activitiesToronto, ON