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Leader's Message

Anatol von Hahn

Dear PINs members,

Scotiabank is a proud sponsor of the TRIEC Professional Immigrant Network (PINs) initiative, and is committed to the inclusion of newcomers into the Canadian workplace.

As Canada’s most international bank with more than 86,000 employees in over 55 countries around the world, we are very proud to serve many diverse communities.

At Scotiabank, we believe that the diversity of our employees leads to creative solutions, which is the necessary ingredient for innovation and an important key to business sustainability.

As one of the world’s most multicultural countries, Canada derives strength from the diversity of its people, and Scotiabank is proud to have many foreign educated and trained professionals among its workforce.  To welcome them we place emphasis on a culture of inclusion which is at the heart of our community of Scotiabankers.

We understand the unique challenges faced by newcomers to Canada, and recognize the need to help integrate newcomers into our society and, in particular, into our workforce.  For this reason Scotiabank is proud to support the PINs initiative. This network of networks enables members to develop connections and gain professional development to help achieve success and reach employment goals.

Scotiabank congratulates TRIEC for its vision and leadership in creating the PINS network.  We share in your commitment to helping new Canadians gain meaningful employment in Canada. 

I wish you and your network continued success.

Anatol von Hahn

Group Head, Canadian Banking



Scotiabank StartRight® Program

As Canada’s most international bank with presence in over 55 countries around the world, Scotiabank’s international outlook helps us understand the needs of new Canadians. We value the important role newcomers play in the Canadian workforce, economy and cultural mosaic and that is why we have designed the Scotiabank StartRight® Program for Landed Immigrants, Foreign Workers and International Students who have been in Canada for 3 years or less. The program offers customized products, special offers, multilingual services and resources to help people new to Canada get their financial lives in order and ease their settlement journey.  To learn more, visit us online, call 1-866-800-5159 or visit a Scotiabank branch.



Careers at Scotiabank

Scotiabank is a Best Place to Work® in multiple geographies around the world. We strive to deliver a consistent and rewarding employment experience globally by developing policies and programs based on shared global principles. A global community of Scotiabankers is thriving. It is here, where distinct perspectives and unique talents ignite personal career growth.