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What is PINs?

The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) works with professional immigrant associations to help them connect their members to meaningful employment.

Through the Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) program, TRIEC raises awareness of these associations, fosters collaboration between associations and key partners and supports the development of association leaders.

PINs partners include employers, immigrant-serving agencies, community groups, government, and other stakeholders in the Greater Toronto Area.  Partners are committed to strengthening professional immigrant associations and their leaders and helping their members achieve their employment goals


What we do 

Through a growing community of associations and partners, PINs builds capacity by:



Why is TRIEC collaborating with professional immigrant associations?

The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) brings leaders together who are committed to helping immigrants and employers succeed. We help employers make the most of the Greater Toronto area’s culturally diverse workforce, while helping immigrants connect to employment that fully leverages their skills and talents.

In 2007/8, TRIEC offered support to one professional immigrant association called CAMP – Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals. As a result, TRIEC recognized the important role immigrant associations play in helping a new immigrant find work in their field. 

The stakeholders TRIEC works with, such as employers, community agencies and government, were also expressing interest in connecting with immigrant associations in a coordinated way to raise their profile and recruit from within the immigrant talent pool.

In 2009, TRIEC conducted an environmental scan to learn more about these associations. We found 70 active networks operating in Ontario, mostly in the Greater Toronto Region, with a collective reach of over 30,000 established and recent immigrants across a number of sectors and ethno-specific groups.

When TRIEC convened professional immigrant association leaders in 2010, they told us they wanted to:

  • collaborate with, support, and learn from each other
  • participate in capacity building workshops
  • have ongoing online communications so they can share ideas, connect, and keep abreast of relevant events, news and resources

In 2010, with the support of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Scotiabank, the Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) initiative was born. By bringing together these associations under a shared, targeted mission, TRIEC is providing a platform for association leaders and key stakeholders to connect, collaborate and help immigrants achieve success.


Learn more about how the PINs program helps professional immigrant associations in the Greater Toronto region.



The PINs logo


 Professional Immigrant Networks


Our logo captures the collaborative nature of PINs. The inner squares represent the PINs association leaders who share the common goal of helping skilled immigrants. The outer layer of the logo represents the members of the associations who benefit from their leaders’ collaboration. The logo has a variance in colour and repetition of shapes to emphasize that while the PINs associations are diverse, they share a common goal: connecting their members to meaningful employment.